Shipping Policy

In addition to making sure the order is disinfected, package modestly, and deliver to your doorsteps as quickly as possible, we work very hard to provide the things ordered from

Delivery Time

Nationwide 5-6 Working Days  
International 3-4 Weeks 

Delivery times may vary depending on the various elements listed below. 

1. A brand launch 

2. Pre-booking (that is done 10 to 15 days ago) 

3. Incorrect customer shipping information or contact 

4. Conditions that weren’t expecting for whatever reason (a country situation, holidays, logistics issues, etc) 

1.1: For orders coming from abroad, the delivery window could change by up to three weeks. 

This is the standard delivery schedule. The delivery window, however, can change depending on the number of slots available, the type of purchase (normal/fast track), and the time of season the order was placed. 

Custom, Duties and Taxes

A tariff or tax known as customs duty is impose on goods when it is carried across international boundaries. The goal of Customs Duty is to protect each country’s economy, residents, jobs, environment, etc., by managing the movement of commodities, into and out of the country. Even when the goods are order and purchase online by international clients, an import process is still necessary to get the package through customs. Clearance depends on:

The origin country. 

The value including transit charges. 

the quantity of commodities. 

Taxes and tariffs may apply to any orders from outside the United States. 

We do not compute any local taxes or duties during the checkout process, and we ship your package “Duty and Taxes” unpaid. 

Any costs owing will be collected when the order is deliver. 

The buyer is liable for any necessary import, customs, and collection fees. 

We are require by customs authorities to print the value of your order right on your shipment (s). 

The location, material, item value, and other variables all play a role in determining taxes and fees. Due to the vast differences in customs regulations between nations, we have no control over these fees and are unable to estimate what they might be. 

Any additional fees that your order may incur must be coverd by the customer in order for the package to pass customs. 

For streamlined clearance and delivery of shipments, consignees in Saudi Arabia must have a current business registration with Saudi Customs. 

If a consignee’s commercial registration is invalid, the shipment will be return to the point of origin without warning. 

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